Cape Flats Nature
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Cape Flats Nature represents an invitation to join in experimenting, testing, learning and developing an alternative social nature conservation practice in impoverished areas.

More and more communities on the Cape Flats are recognizing that nature areas near their homes contribute to human well being. They do this through providing beautiful spaces for physical exercise and spiritual connection, opportunities for social development projects, outdoor classroom for environmental education and employment through nature based initiatives.

Nature helps ordinary people by contributing to essential services. For example, wetlands help to moderate floods, vegetated dunes shelter communities from high temperatures and the gale force winds, Healthy ecosystems provide resources of food and medicines and soils that support gardens and crops, and are a critical element in allowing for global climate change mitigation and adaptation as they absorb carbon dioxide and moderate weather extremes and their impacts

Cape Flats Nature was established to address the challenge of conserving fragmented natural habitats in an urban context where land is scarce and poverty is widespread.



Growing together- thinking and practice of urban nature conservators

The Cape Flats Nature book “Growing together – thinking and practice of urban nature conservators” is a culmination of eight years experience in the partnership with input from other agencies and individuals.

Read more about the book or download the chapters here.


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